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SHARE Education Services helps English-speaking expatriate families living in Europe, Russia, Central Asia, and the Middle East with their children’s educational needs. With a caring, compassionate staff of educators and years of international experience, we understand the joys and challenges of educating children in a cross-cultural environment. We offer help in a variety of areas, including:

  • Choosing a schooling option
  • Deciding what curriculum to use
  • Supporting through transitions
  • Determining learning issues and challenges
  • Providing resource help
  • Assessing academic achievement

And so much more! Whatever your concern is regarding your child's education, SHARE Education Services is here for you.

Here’s what some of our families have to say.

“We are so thankful for SHARE…We never would have guessed that our children’s education would be one of the most difficult aspects of living overseas, but with SHARE's help, we are carving a great path for them.”

“SHARE’s testing program has been most helpful because it reassures us that our kids are not dropping behind.”

“Attending my first SHARE conference helped me really become aware of the issues my kids are facing as TCKs and bilingual kids.”

"The work of SHARE is such a great partnership with our family. Their help with our kids' education is priceless. Without people like this, we would be left in the dark seas of navigating our kids' education abroad.”