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President's Page

Wes WillisSHARE is an educational agency, but we are not a school. Rather, we focus on assisting parents with their educational tasks. We do not promote any particular resource or schooling option. We do seek to facilitate the educational decision-making process of the families that we serve. When overseas families succeed in providing good education experiences for their children, SHARE succeeds.

The families that SHARE serves are primarily English-speaking expatriates living overseas. We have consultants on staff with various education specializations and experience in their home countries. We are equipped to serve families following the American, Canadian, and British educational systems through educators on our staff who come from the U.S., Canada, and England. 

We are an organization of professional educators who affirm the uniqueness of every family member. Therefore, our interactions with parents reflect philosophical assumptions leading to strategic recommendations that recognize the needs of each individual child.

Our commitment at SHARE is to encourage the parents that we serve to:

  • Develop and own an educational philosophy consistent with the needs of their family.
  • Clarify educational goals and expectations for their children.
  • Be aware of issues families are likely to face in the process of educating their children in Europe, Russia, and Central Asia.
  • Define their role and responsibilities in the process of educating their children.
  • Be aware of the educational options and resources available to them in the place they will serve.
  • Recognize the educational needs of their children expressed in language and terms that they can understand and act upon appropriately.
  • Develop an affordable, accountable, workable, and appropriate educational plan for the education of their children.
  • Receive personal on-going support and resources, in implementing the family's educational plan for each child (pre-field, on-field, and in the process of re-entry).
  • Receive on-going feedback and communication focused on education through consultations, conferences, workshops, e-mail, and web-based information sources.
  • Secure published materials targeted on educational needs of families raising children in Europe, Russia, and Central Asia or other similar settings.

- Dr. Wes Willis, President