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Family Education Conference 2017 - Greece - Details
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Where: Porto Carras Meliton Grand Resort , Halkidiki (GR).
Date: 10 Oct, 2017 -  13 Oct, 2017
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Event description:
SHARE Education Services
2017 Greece Family Education Conference
Halkidiki, Greece
Conference: October 10 – October 13, 2017
Testing: October 9 - October 12, 2017

 Registration now open!


Announcing a 4-day Family Education Conference in Halkidiki, Greece with SHARE Education Services

This conference focuses on families who are educating their children cross-culturally.  Come and participate in a program designed for each family member. 

  • Seminars for parents will assist you in making informed education decisions for your family. 
  • Consult individually with educators and counselors who care about your family’s unique needs. 
  • Achievement and diagnostic testing in English will be available for children. 
  • Quality programs for children and teens offer social and academic skill building activities.

This year’s conference will be conducted in a hotel on the coast of the Aegean Sea on the middle peninsula of Halkidiki! Read below for the details. Generous donors have provided funding for a 30% conference registration scholarship available for those who register on or before August 25th!

Conference Location

We have negotiated great full-board rates for the Porto Carras Meliton Grand Resort (http://www.portocarras.com/our-hotels/porto-carras-meliton-5.html). This is a 5 star hotel situated right on the Aegean Sea and offers an aqua park with swimming pools, slides and playgrounds. The resort is only 111 Km south east from the Thessoloniki Airport. A shuttle bus from airport to resort will take about 85 minutes.



The conference will start at 08:30 Tuesday, October 10 and will conclude at 13:15 Friday, October 13. For most of you this means arrival on Monday, October 9 and departure on Saturday, October 14. The children's program will have a final presentation for the parents at the very end of the conference finishing at 13:15.  To ensure that you and your child can enjoy it and also stay for your last lunch after that, do not schedule flights before 19:30 on October 13. A better option would be to stay the night and enjoy the hotel for the afternoon and evening and leave the next morning on Sunday. If you decide to check-out before noon on the 13th, then you will be able so store you luggage in a holding room before departure after the conference.


Note: For those who want their kids/teens to take the normal achievement testing (see description below), unless you live locally, you will need to arrive at the hotel on Sunday, October 8 and have your kids/teens ready for the test at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, October 9.



There is an option for those of you who wish to enjoy some vacation time either before or after the conference for a few days. As you register, you will have this option available when you select your arrival and departure dates. You will of course receive the same discounted conference hotel rate. Note: If your dates extend before the 7th or after the 14th, then you will need to arrange your own airport transfer. Here is a suggested service: https://www.rideways.com


Services Provided

Testing – We’ll offer all our normal achievement tests plus special diagnostic testing for children with significant learning struggles. See detailed descriptions and pricing below.

Adult seminar topics - We will offer 27 different seminars delivered by 12 different presenters. During break-out sessions there will be three different options to choose from for each given time slot. Topics will cover a broad range of both home-schooling and national-schooling issues, online options, as well as issues related to learning difficulties.

Presenters - Many of our regular expert SHARE staff will be back to serve you, and in addition we will have several guest presenters. Their areas of expertise are listed after their names.


Kathy Kuhl, Strategies for struggling learners, mathematics instruction


Jon Smith, Behavioral specialist and parenting advice


Brad Oostindie, Neurofeedback and brain retraining


Worship and Teaching from the Book - This will be a full hour opportunity each morning to worship together in hymns and choruses and to hear insightful teaching from John Marshall (Stafford England) who will share from the Book. John comes at the recommendation of our staff member Caroline Nash-Smith and served SHARE very well in Malaga, Spain last year, so we are confident that you will be blessed by his ministry!


Children’s Programs:

What do pulleys, planes, levers, screws, Thomas Edison, and the light bulb all have to do with SHARE? They’re the theme of the children’s program this year. That’s what! Calling all kids! Come on a learning adventure with us! Our theme for this year’s conference: Inventors, Inventions, and Simple Machines. Our teachers and assistants have exciting lessons and projects planned to make learning so much fun. We’ll also have an art teacher and music/drama teacher along to round out our program. We will have a 0-2 year old nursery with classes for children ages 3-12. Come join the fun!


Teen Program:

Teens! This is for you. Our SHARE teen leadership team is bringing an amazing program just for you. All 13-18 year olds will enjoy sessions geared towards them, including TCK topics, Bible studies, an exotic boat cruise to a secluded beach, and plenty of time to hang out together with games, music, and meaningful conversation. Come join the awesome SHARE teens!


Other Extras:

Counselors Karen Merry and Mary Smith will be present to provide private consultations to discuss any concerns you may want help with. Karen has a specialty in trauma and abuse counseling and Mary has specialized training in helping married couples work through challenges in their marriage.


Book/Curriculum Sale - We will provide tables for you to display used books and curriculum that you want to sell. This will also be an opportunity, of course, for you to peruse and purchase used resources you may need. Please only bring books, curricula and other material related to education.


Women’s Tea/Dad & Kids Video Night

On Wednesday night there will be an encouraging time just for the ladies to have a dessert/tea with Elaine Willis sharing, and at the same time the dads and kids will enjoy a fun movie night together. For food planning purposes we need you to sign up for this during your registration online.


Talent/Recital Opportunity for Kids

Thursday evening SHARE is offering a venue for your sons and daughters to share their skills, talents or interests with everyone. At past conferences we have had children and teens share piano pieces, recitations, vocal performances, dance, skits, and other musical instrument selections. We will provide a keyboard, microphones and an MC for this event.


Teen Career Assessment with Individual Consultation

Sponsoring Agency: $40; Non-sponsoring agency: $50; Others $75

For those teens looking for help in selecting a college major and or occupational direction to take after high school, SHARE is offering an online career assessment called Career Direct. This 550 question assessment is taken prior to the conference. Then during the conference, an individual consultation will take place with Larry Milks to discuss the results and its implications.


Excursion Option!

On Wednesday, October 11th, the programing concludes at 12:50 so that families can have some rest time and enjoy the surroundings during the afternoon. We will do some research and try to provide an excursion option that you could choose for your family if you want to. More later on this options and the cost involved.

Testing/ConsultingTesting Registration Deadlines: September 18.

SHARE offers the following options if you desire an education assessment for your child.  You must sign up on the registration form, but payment will not be made until after your exact test is confirmed.  You will be sent a link to the questionnaire to provide our testing coordinator with the information needed to properly assess your child’s academic progress. Testing slots are limited, so this service is on a first come first served basis. Registration deadline for requests for testing is September 18th . Scholarship monies do not apply toward testing fees.  Please contact Janet Snyder by email at info@shareeducation.org with any questions about the tests, deadlines, etc. or if you would like to schedule a consultation without testing which is free of charge.


Early Reading Diagnostic Assessment (Grades K-2)

Sponsoring Agency: $25; Non-sponsoring agency: $35; Others $50

This test provides information on the development of the concepts and skills your child needs to become a successful reader.  Phonemic and phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension are all part of the ERDA.


Achievement Testing (Grades 3-12)

Sponsoring Agency: $45; Non-sponsoring agency: $65; Others: $100

SHARE offers achievement testing for students ages 8-18/grades 3-12 to assess whether your child is “on track” with his or her age mates. These tests offer assessment in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics. For most kids, these tests will be given starting at 8:30 am on Monday, October 9th.  This is one day prior to the start of the conference.

 Note:  SHARE recommends testing every other year, but these achievement tests are appropriate for families requiring or desiring annual testing.


Dyslexia Screening (ages 7 and up)
Sponsoring Agency: $120; Non-sponsoring agency: $150; Others: $200
This screening is appropriate for a child experiencing significant struggles in learning and showing signs of dyslexia as described at this web site (http://dyslexiamylife.org/ signs_dsy.html).  You will receive a preliminary report as well as recommendations during your consultation time with a SHARE staff member. You will receive a full report at a later date as well as an opportunity for further consultations.


RWD - Reading/Writing Delay Screening (ages 6-14)
Sponsoring Agency: $120; Non-sponsoring agency: $150; Others: $200
The Reading/Writing Delay Screening is helpful in determining what might be the cause of a language delay and is particularly useful for bilingual children. You will receive a preliminary report as well as recommendations during your consultation time with a SHARE staff member. You will receive a full report at a later date as well as an opportunity for further consultations.


Speech: (preschool and up)

Sponsoring agency: $120; Non-sponsoring agency: $150; Others: $200

This test is appropriate for evaluating milestones of speech development in children, articulation of speech sounds, voice impairments and stuttering. Space is very limited for this test. You will receive a preliminary report as well as recommendations during your consultation time with a SHARE staff member. You will receive a full report at a later date as well as an opportunity for further consultations.


Language: (preschool and up)

Sponsoring agency: $120; Non-sponsoring agency: $150; Others: $200

The Language Assessment evaluates milestones of language development in children, including receptive and expressive language skills, language processing skills (word association, listening and following directions), pragmatic and social aspects of communication.  You will receive a preliminary report as well as recommendations during your consultation time with a SHARE staff member. You will receive a full report at a later date as well as an opportunity for further consultations.


EEA - Extended Educational Assessment (ages 5 and up) 
Sponsoring agency: $200; Non-sponsoring agency: $300; Others: $500
If a child is experiencing significant struggles in areas that affect his/her education, extended testing will be available.  Parents will receive information about the testing as well as recommendations during their consultation time with a SHARE staff member. SHARE will send a full report within six weeks and there will be the opportunity to schedule further consultations.

Note: Testing fees may be paid via a link sent to you once the specific assessments are confirmed.

Conference Registration Fees: (30% off these fees if you register by August 25!)


Registration Type

Registration Fee

Sponsoring Agency*


$160 single; $220 couple

20% discount

Teens (13+)

$70 (Includes field trip)

20% discount

Children (0-12)


20% discount

*If you are unsure whether your company is a sponsor of SHARE Education Services, contact your company representative or ask us at the “contact us” button on this website.


Hotel Fees Full-Board (excluding drinks): (ages of children determined at date of check-in, all drinks and other incidentals are paid by you with credit card at check-out, first meal on arrival is dinner and last meal on departure is lunch)

Room Option



Configuration Possibilities


Deluxe Guest


1A, 1A+I, 1A+C, 1A+C+I


Deluxe Guest or Suite if more than 3 people in room


1A+2C, 1A+2C+I, 1A + 3C, 1A+3C+I, 2A, 2A+I, 2A+C, 2A+C+I




2A+2C, 2A+2C+I,




3A, 3A+I, 3A+C, 3A+1C+I


2 adjacent Deluxe Guest rooms


2A+3C, 2A+3C+I


2 adjacent Deluxe Guest rooms


2A+4C, 2A+4C+I, 3A+2C, 3A+2C+I

A=Adult=13.00-99.99  C=Child= 3.00-12.99    I=Infant=0.00-2.99

Check-in time: after 14:00   Check-out time: before 12:00


Thessoloniki Airport to Hotel Transfer Costs

As an extra service to you, we are happy to coordinate vans and buses that you can share with other participants. If you would like this option, please indicate this on the registration form. The cost will be $30/person one-way or $60/person round-trip. Children take a seat, and therefore, are charged the same price. However, babies held in the arms are free. This shuttle service runs only from October 7-9 for arrivals and from October13-14 for departures. If you want a shuttle outside of these dates then you can contact https://www.rideways.com/ or some other service.


Please click on the link “Register and Pay Now” in order to register. Children’s and teen program slots, as well as testing slots, are available on a first come first served basis. Please do not begin the registration process if you are not prepared to pay in full via credit card or Pay-Pal at this time (including room & board and shuttle). Also, if you are from a sponsoring company (you will know if you are) be aware of what your company discount code is before entering registration. If you do not complete the registration with payment in full, then data you have input will be lost and you will have to type it in again later.



If you must cancel, and you do so prior to August 9, then all of your money will be returned minus the credit card charge of 3%. If you cancel after the 9th of August, then only your conference registration and shuttle fees can be returned and your hotel fees will only be refunded at 20% up till September 8, and at 10% up till September 24.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and to serving you in October.

 *SHARE Education Services cannot provide letters of invitation for persons needing visas into Greece.