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Your gifts go directly to our programs and operations

SHARE’s annual budget of approximately $100,000 enables 11 full-time staff and many part-time associates to serve hundreds of families each year. 

How does SHARE make a difference for families living overseas?

In the 1990s, many families moved into Russia and Central Europe. But many of these families struggled with providing education for their English-speaking children. Because of limited education resources, many families returned home prematurely, frustrated and disillusioned. SHARE Education Services was established to assist parents in the daunting task of providing for their children’s education in Europe, Russia, and Central Asia.

Why should I give to SHARE?
SHARE is cost effective because it has no salary or benefits expenses. All SHARE staff serve as members of international serving organizations and are on-loan to SHARE, receiving their personal support through these agencies. This means that all of the money contributed to SHARE can go directly toward programs and operations.

Does SHARE work cooperatively with other international agencies?
Fifteen international sending agencies have agreed to serve as sponsors of SHARE Education Services. Each agency pays a nominal annual fee, which entitles its personnel to reduced-fee services. Sponsoring agencies each appoint one person to serve as a SHARE board member.

What financial needs does SHARE have?
As funds are available, SHARE will increase the number and the frequency of conferences in locations that are accessible to English-speaking families. These conferences provide instruction for parents, testing of children, and consultation on children's education issues. In addition to these program services, SHARE offers encouragement, fellowship, and nurture. An investment in SHARE is an investment in effective world service. (See SHARE Operational Expenses and SHARE Special Project Needs below).

What impact will my gift make?
SHARE'S service is limited only by the funds available. The number of families we serve is directly related to funding. Because contributions to SHARE go directly to service projects, every dollar received can expand the services we provide to families overseas. Given the expense of getting families to the countries where they serve, the work of SHARE in helping to keep them serving productively is one of the most cost-effective investments an organization, business, or individual can make.

What are some of SHARE’s financial needs?
SHARE provides services in Hungary at our International Office and on-location throughout Europe, Russia, and Central Asia. The following listing reflects major annual operating needs of SHARE:

Operational Expenses

  • International office rental in Budapest (annual expense): $20,000
  • Travel needs (the greatest service expense for SHARE is air travel costs): $14,000
  • Communications (phone, internet, website – Budapest & Michigan offices): $3,400
  • Staff training & professional development: $5,000

Conference Expenses

  • Hungary Family Education Conference (facilities & transportation): $10,000
  • Turkey Family Education Conference: $7,000
  • Central Asia Family Education Conference (multiple cities): $7,000
  • Spain Family Education Conference: $5,000
  • Russia/Ukraine conferences/testing: $3,000
  • Regional testing trips (multiple needed @ $1,000 each): $1,000
  • Scholarships for family conference fees (multiple needed @ $250/family): $250


  • Travel printers for reporting testing results (2 @ $300 each): $600
  • Small computers for travel to conferences and testing venues (2 @ $800 each): $1600
  • iPads for evaluating apps for recommending to parents: (4 @ $520 each): $2080
  • Color laser printer for Budapest office: $500
  • Color laser printer (replacement) for US office: $400
  • Individual office printers (replacements, 2 @ $200 each): $400
  • High quality microphone for recording: $250
  • Digital wireless connector for projector: $100
  • Printer cartridges (multiple needed, averaging $30 each) $30