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Family Education Conference 2019 - Greece - Details
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Where: Athens, Greece, Athens (GR).
Date: 15 Apr, 2019 -  18 Apr, 2019
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Event description:
SHARE Education Services
 2019 Greece Family Education Conference
Athens, Greece
April 15 – April 18, 2019
Registration for this conference remains open; however, all hotel rooms are now full. Please feel free to find nearby accommodations on your own.
 This conference focuses on children’s education for English-speaking families who are living and serving cross-culturally throughout the Mediterranean region.  
  • Seminars for parents will assist you in making informed education decisions for your family.  
  • Examine new resources for educating children and consult individually with educators and counselors who care about your family’s unique needs.  
  • Educational assessment in English will be available for children and teens.  
  • Quality programs for children and teens offer activities for building relational and academic skills.

Conference Location

Dolce Hotels & Resorts

Attica Riviera

Vravronos Avenue

19003 Vravrona, Greece

Tel: +30 22940 71000


 Dolce Hotels
 Dolce Hotels

When to Arrive and Depart


The conference will start at 08:30 Monday, April 15 and will conclude at 13:15 Thursday, April 18.  For most of you this means arrival on Sunday, April 14 and departure late afternoon on Thursday, April 18.  The children's program will have a final presentation for the parents at the very end of the conference finishing at 13:15. To ensure that you and your child can enjoy it and also stay for your last lunch after that, do not schedule flights before 17:30 on April 18.  A better option would be to stay the night and enjoy the hotel for the afternoon and evening and leave the next morning on Friday.  If you decide to check-out before noon on the 18th, you will be able to store your luggage in a holding room before departure after the conference.


Note:  For those who want their kids/teens to take achievement testing (see description below), unless you live locally, you will need to arrive at the hotel on Saturday, April 13 and have your kids/teens ready for the test at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday, April 14.



Adult Program


This year’s adult program staff includes a wide array of international educators with experience in many kinds of schooling options. Conference staff members have hundreds of years of combined experience in education, many of those years served in cross-cultural settings. Because of their passion to see your family thrive, these volunteers have raised funds and offered their time to come and serve your family.

The adult program includes plenary sessions and practical workshops on making sound education decisions, teaching your children, and growing together as a family.

  • Education planning
  • Helps for special needs learners
  • Understanding Third Culture Kids
  • Success in using local schools
  • Learning in a second language
  • Online schooling
  • Teaching strategies for parents
  • University preparation
  • Career exploration for teens
  • Help with specific academic subjects
  • Helping your Children Grow Emotionally and Spiritually
  • And many more

Our Main Speaker:

DDr. Karen Wrobbelr. Karen Wrobbel is Director of the Division of Education and Professor of Education at Trinity International University in Deerfield, Illinois, USA. Previously, she served in Spain, Venezuela and Costa Rica for more than 20 years in international Christian education as a teacher, administrator, school board member, and children's education coordinator for her agency. Currently, Karen and her husband, Paul, live in a suburb of Chicago. They have two adult daughters, two sons-in-love, and eight grandchildren, all of whom also live in the Chicago area (who would have hoped for that after raising the girls internationally?) Further information is available at https://undergrad.tiu.edu/faculty/karen-wrobbel/




Programs for Children and Teens


Babies to teens will have age-appropriate programs with activities led by experienced caregivers and educators and designed to reach all learning styles.


Infants and Toddlers will receive loving care from a team of childcare workers and Preschoolers will have their own program of crafts, stories and physical activities.


Ages 5-12:Kids

The program theme for children ages 5-12 this year is Ancient Rome. Activities will promote group skills in addition to academic knowledge. Music, physical activities and crafts will round out a fun-filled week! This program is appropriate only for children who are fluent in English.



Baklava, anyone? Come join us in Greece! Our staff is eager to spend the week with you enjoying the beauty of the Greek coast. Come join us for awesome fellowship, inspirational worship, and creative, hilarious activities. In addition, our speakers have prepared topics just for you. Teen GirlsFrom the first evening together you will meet new friends and reconnect with friends you haven't seen in a while. And don't forget the field trip when we venture into Athens. We want you to have the best week where you can connect with the Lord and hang out with other TCK's who "get" you. We can't wait to see you! 


Teens desiring to participate in career discovery may register for the Career Direct online assessment and meet with a consultant at the conference. The cost is $55.



Academic Assessment Program


SHARE offers the following options if you desire an education assessment for your child. You may sign up as you register or email us if you decide later to add an assessment. The last date to sign up for testing is January 15. You will be sent a link to a questionnaire to provide the testing team with the information they need to properly determine the most appropriate assessment tool.

ERDA - Early Reading Diagnostic Assessment (Grades K-2)
Sponsoring Agency: $25; Non-sponsoring agency: $35; Others $50
This test provides information on the development of the concepts and skills your child needs to become a successful reader.  Phonemic and phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension are all part of the ERDA.

Achievement Testing (Grades 3-12) 
Sponsoring Agency: $45; Non-sponsoring agency: $65; Others: $100
These tests offer assessment in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics. Group Achievement testing for grades 3-8 will be separated into two sessions. Session One time slot may be chosen from either Sunday morning, April 14, from 8:30 to 12:00, OR Tuesday afternoon, April 16, from 1:30 to 5:00 pm. Session two will be Sunday afternoon, April 14, for all participants, from 1:30 to approximately 4:00 pm. Testing for grades 9-12 will be on Sunday afternoon, April 14, from 1:30 to approximately 5:30 pm.

Note:  SHARE recommends testing every other year, but these tests are appropriate for families requiring or desiring annual testing.

Occupational Therapy Evaluation (Ages birth – adult)

(US Price $250) Sponsoring Agency: $120; Non-sponsoring agency: $150; Others: $200

 This testing may be helpful in determining the causes underlying developmental delays, behavioral and sensory issues, difficulties with focusing and attending, illegible handwriting and dyspraxia, as well as other coping challenges. Using a parent interview, clinical observations and formal testing, the therapist will examine a variety of foundational skills needed for normal growth and development. 

Dyslexia Screening (ages 7 and up)
(US Price $850)  Sponsoring Agency: $120; Non-sponsoring agency: $150; Others: $200

This screening is appropriate for a child experiencing significant struggles in learning and showing signs of dyslexia (http://dyslexiamylife.org/signs_dsy.html).  Space is limited for this testing.

RWD - Reading/Writing Delay Screening (ages 6-14)
(US Price $850) Sponsoring Agency: $120; Non-sponsoring agency: $150; Others: $200

This test is helpful in determining what might be the cause of a language delay, and is particularly useful for bilingual children.

Speech Evaluation
(US Price $250) Sponsoring agency: $120; Non-sponsoring agency: $150; Others: $200

This assessment evaluates milestones of speech development in children, articulation of speech sounds, and voice impairments and stuttering.

Language Evaluation
(US Price $250) Sponsoring agency: $120; Non-sponsoring agency: $150; Others: $200

This assessment evaluates milestones of language development in children, including receptive and expressive language skills, language processing skills (word association, listening and following directions), as well as pragmatic and social aspects of communication.

PEA - PsychoEducational Assessment (ages 5 and up)
(US Price $2250) Sponsoring agency: $200; Non-sponsoring agency: $300; Others: $500

If a child is experiencing significant struggles in areas that affect his/her education, extendedtesting will be available. The results of this assessment may show indications of learning disabilities. Space is limited for this testing.

*Testing fees may be paid via a link sent to you once the specific assessments are confirmed.


Conference Registration Fees


Exchange rates may vary at time of registration.

Early Registration

Nov. 1 - Dec. 31, 2018

Early Registration Fee (20% discount)

Sponsoring Agency*

(additional 20% discount)


$160 single  (~140 Euros)

$220 couple  (~191 Euros)

$128 single (~111 Euros)

$176 couple  (~153 Euros)

Teens (13+)

$64   (~56 Euros)

$51.20  (~45 Euros)

Children (0-12)

$40  (~35 Euros)

$32  (~29 Euros)

Regular registration

Jan. 1 - Mar. 1, 2019

Registration Fee

Sponsoring Agency*

(additional 20% discount)


$200 single (~175 Euros)

$275 couple (~240 Euros)

$160 single (~140 Euros)

$220 couple  (~191 Euros)

Teens (13+)

$80 (~70 Euros)

$64  (~56 Euros)

Children (0-12)

$50  (~44 Euros)

$40  (~35 Euros)

*If you are unsure whether your agency is a sponsor of SHARE Education Services, contact your agency representative or ask us at the “contact us” button on this website. You will need a code to get the discount when you register. Be sure to click on “apply discount” after you enter it.

Scholarships toward registration fees: If conference costs will prevent your family from joining us, you may apply for a scholarship to reduce the conference registration fee. You will still need funds for housing, meals and travel.

BEFORE you register, write to the “contact us” button on this site and request assistance. Please list your agency in your request. We will gladly send you a discount code to enter on the site as you register. The number of scholarships is limited so first come, first served.  These scholarships are provided by individuals in North America who believe in the mission of SHARE and the benefit of this conference to your family and we are happy to try to ensure your family’s participation. These funds are intended only for families who are serving cross-culturally with like-minded non-profit agencies.



Hotel Fees*

These rates are full board per day

1 Room – For All Family Members
1A or 1A+i 1A+1C or 1A+1C+i 1A+2C or 1A+2C+i 1A+3C or 1A+3C+i  1A+1T  1A+2T
$98 $155 $178 $228 $200 $218
1 Room – For All Family Members

2A or 2A+i

2A+1C or 2A+1C+i

2A+2C or 2A+2C+i




$155 $178 $228 $218 $242 $308
2 Rooms Required
2A+3C or 2A+3C+i 2A+4C or 2A+4C+i 2A+1T+2C  2A+1T+3C 2A+2T+1C  
$285 $308 $285 $308 $331  
i=infant (Ages 0 – 1.99); C=Child (Ages 2.00 – 12.99); T=Teen (Ages 13 – 18.99); A=Adult

*We cannot guarantee a particular room, so adjustments will be made to your payment if a change is made by the hotel.



How to Pay


Conference registration fees must be paid online at this site as you register. When you click on “submit,” you will be directed automatically to a secure payment site where you may pay by credit card or PayPal account on the PayPal payment portals. If you have entered a code, the amount of the discount or scholarship will be deducted automatically but be sure to click on “apply discount” before you hit the “submit” button. You will receive a payment confirmation from PayPal but your place at the conference is not secured until you receive a confirmation email from SHARE at the address you entered on your registration form.

When registration opens on November 1st, you will have the option of paying for either conference registration only, or conference registration and hotel fees. If you choose to only pay the registration fees up front, your hotel fees will be due by December 1st to secure your registration.

Cancellations: If you must cancel, and you do so prior to December 14, then all of your money will be returned minus the credit card charge of 3%.  If you cancel after December 14, then only your conference registration fees can be returned and your hotel fees will only be refunded at 20% up till January 13, and at 10% up till February 13. After that we are unable to refund your hotel fees as we will be charged for your room anyway.


We will send additional conference details in March to all who have registered but feel free to write any time you have questions.



NOTE: SHARE Education Services cannot provide letters of invitation for persons needing visas into Greece.