SHARE Education Conferences

Workshops, resources, and private consultations

SHARE offers conferences throughout the year and throughout our target region. At SHARE conferences, you will find information for parents educating children in a cross-cultural context. These are offered through workshops, resources and private consultations with educators. In addition, we often do educational assessments for children using achievement or diagnostic testing and by gathering qualitative information from parents and teachers. When possible, we provide a program for children while parents are in workshops. 

You may request that SHARE put on a conference in your region if there is a group of at least 15 parents who wish to attend. This request needs to be made one year in advance in order to budget and plan for the conference. An on-site facilitator is required for local logistics such as acquiring meeting rooms and housing for SHARE staff.

In addition to the conferences which SHARE carries out, we offer services to agencies at their own regional conferences. Priority is given to sponsoring agencies; however, we are happy to provide educational workshops, achievement testing, and consulting to other agencies when we have available staff.

Education Planning for Parents

SHARE partners with PACE (Professional Association of Cross-cultural Consultants in Education) to offer an online course called Education Planning for Parents in Transition. Contact PACE at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information on taking this course or to suggest it to your agency as a pre-field opportunity for families moving cross-culturally.