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Fitted Pieces: A Parents' Guide to Educating Children Overseas

The book that addresses questions about educating children overseas

What is one of the most challenging and stressful issues parents face overseas? What is one of the first questions asked by parents preparing for overseas service? Often it involves meeting the educational needs of their children. These issues can seem like an enormous puzzle with many complex, intricate pieces over which parents have little or no control. They may wonder if they even have all of the pieces or if those pieces will ever fit together.

Fitted Pieces: A Parents’ Guide to Educating Children Overseas is a resource that offers help for parents in fitting together the important components of educating children cross-culturally. It is designed to help parents make informed decisions about an educational plan that is workable and appropriate for their family. The book includes articles from more than 50 authors from ten countries with many years of experience and expertise in educating children overseas. A wide range of issues is covered, including online education options, learning styles, coping with learning challenges, learning in a second language, being a “third culture kid,” self-esteem, child protection, home-country graduation requirements, and many helpful articles on homeschooling and using national schools. In a nutshell, Fitted Pieces helps parents in making decisions and evaluating options and provides practical suggestions in implementing these decisions. 

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