SHARE assists families serving in Europe, Russia, Central Asia, and The Middle East by helping them to enrich and enhance the education of their children. International research suggests that difficulty with children’s adjustment often leads to families leaving their overseas post prematurely—and education is a key element.

Over 20 years ago, veteran cross-cultural educators founded SHARE Education Services to assist parents in providing quality education for their children. Today, SHARE continues to offer this much-needed help through conferences and seminars, testing services, resource libraries and materials, and personal consultation.

Expatriate parents raising their children do not want to sacrifice their children’s well-being or education. Like all parents, they desire a quality education for their children, which prepares them for further education and productive life work. However, they are often located in areas where local schools may not be a good fit, they feel inadequate to homeschool on their own, or their children have learning challenges.

SHARE’s international headquarters is located in Hungary, but staff members live in other countries including England, Sweden, Serbia, Russia, and the U.S.

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