SHARE Education Services offers academic assessment throughout the year at conferences, annually scheduled regional assessment, or by special arrangement. Assessments evaluate native English-speaking students or multilingual students with very strong English skills. These tests are intended to be administered to U.S. and Canadian students and may not accurately evaluate students from other passport countries. 

Early Reading AssessmentBasic Skill Assessments
(Grades K-2) This test provides information on the development of skills your child needs to become a successful reader. Phonemic and phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.(Grades 3-12) This test offers assessment in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics and are appropriate for those families who desire annual testing. 
Struggling Learner Assessments
If a child experiences significant struggles in learning, speech/language, or other areas that affect his/her education, assessments are available. Please be aware that, due to the types of tests used, this testing is most appropriate for native English speakers. Contact us for more information.

The tests listed above may be useful for students who wish to generally assess their English skills in comparison to age-mates in the U.S.. However, culturally-biased questions and the use of American English may not result in a complete assessment of a student’s English skills. Please contact us for more information.