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Welcome to SHARE Education Services

We are an educational agency, not a school, focusing on assisting parents, who live cross-culturally, with their educational tasks. SHARE primarily serves English-speaking expatriates living overseas. While working with families as they determine which resource or schooling option to use, we assist and facilitate the educational decision making process with them.

As an organization of professional educators, our consultation staff come from the United States, Canada, and England, having various education specializations and experience in their home countries. We are equipped to serve families following the U.S., Canadian, and British educational systems.

As an education service, it is our goal to recognize and take into account the uniqueness of each family member. As we recognize each child being an individual, their needs are specific as well. We connect and collaborate with parents, while giving suggestions, options, and guidance which reflect strategic recommendations for the respective child.

SHARE’s commitment to families is to encourage the parents we serve to develop and own an educational philosophy consistent with the needs of their families. We can give assistance as parents clarify educational goals and expectations for their children. We can also answer questions as parents define their roles and responsibilities as they begin or continue the process of educating their children cross-culturally.

Pamela L. Anderson

SHARE encourages parents to develop an affordable, accountable, workable, and appropriate educational plan for the education of their children. We are also ready to provide personal on-going support, feedback, and communication focused on education through consultations, conferences, workshops, email, phone and video conferencing, and web-based information resources.

We are also ready to assist parents as they implement their family’s educational plan for each child, whether it is pre-field, on-field, or to help in the process of re-entry to their passport country.

Thank you for considering SHARE Education Services. Please let us know how we can assist you and work together as you evaluate your educational needs cross-culturally.

Pamela L. Anderson ~ President

Degrees and certifications held by SHARE staff:

MSEd, MACC, MAWM, MARE, MSLIS, MS SLP/CCC, EdD, PsyD, BSN, Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary, Post-Secondary, ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism Specialization

Striving to Keep Families on the Field