SHARE Education Services Presidential Search

Seeking President for SHARE Education Services

SHARE Education Services is an international education organization serving families throughout Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East. Potential candidates need:

  • Proven leadership skills
  • A higher education degree
  • Extensive education experience
  • Experience in cross-cultural setting preferred

The president will

  • Coordinate daily operations with our team of qualified personnel.
  • Give oversight to all aspects of the organization, including finances and strategy for the team of educational consultants and administrative staff.
  • Oversee recruitment, fundraising and representation of the organization among both sponsoring agencies and potential partners.
  • Be responsible to raise their own support to cover salary and expenses.

For more information contact: SHARE Education Services presidential search committee at [email protected]

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Degrees and certifications held by SHARE staff:

MSEd, MACC, MAWM, MARE, MSLIS, MS SLP/CCC, EdD, PsyD, BSN, Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary, Post-Secondary, ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism Specialization

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