Individualized Consulting

Our goal is to assist parents living cross-culturally as they educate their children. Parents often seek encouragement and reassurance as well as information that will help them provide the best possible education for their children. SHARE staff members are trained to ask relevant questions and offer appropriate options and resources so that parents can fulfill their own goals for their children.

Wondering where to start? Here are some of the issues parents may wish to explore with our consultants so that they can fulfill their own goals for their children:

  • Planning for the family’s transitions
  • Exploring educational options
  • Finding success in the local school system
  • Learning in a second language
  • Supplementing English while using local schools
  • Educating children at home while living cross-culturally
  • Finding the right curriculum
  • Assessing a child’s academic progress
  • Figuring out what steps to take when a child is struggling with school
  • Screening for developmental milestones for children from birth to age 5
  • Planning for university and career
  • Making a good transition back to the passport country

Education Planning for Parents

SHARE partners with PACE (Professional Association of Cross-cultural Consultants in Education) to offer an online course called Education Planning for Parents in Transition. Contact PACE at [email protected] for more information on taking this course or to suggest it to your agency as a pre-field opportunity for families moving cross-culturally.

Do you have any questions in mind?

Striving to Keep Families on the Field